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Spider you idiot...

spider 25th-Aug-2012 02:32 pm (UTC)
I don't buy the whole victim thing with her, she clearly had no problem making endless demands and being a diva bitch and bullying everyone on the SWaC set. I don't think she'd have any problem with refusing another fake PR relationship.

Uhm, she's friends with the people on SWAC. In fact everyone on that show pretty much supported her when she decided to make her singing career her first priority. Her cast mates are still in contact with her. You're fucking retarded.

Writer's Block: Happy Turkey Day!

Death. That means LMFAO will kick the bucket one day.
What are you most thankful for?

and my friend randomly met Demi lovato today.she seemed really pissed
off and she seemed like she didn't want to take pictures.There were
only two people there b/c im guessing that nobody knew she was going
to be in town neither did me and my friend and there were No paps
either. As you can see she's not smiling in both of my pictures. When
my friend asked Demi to sign his unbroken cd she rolled her eyes and
signed it quickly. he asked for a hugging picture and she rolled eyes
again but did it anyway. After we took pictures i told her she looked
really gorgeous today and she said "i know" rolled her eyes
once more and went inside. i wish i would've gotten it on video but
it was really fast so i didn't have enough time. i wanted to talk to
her but i guess she was in bad mood. it was a good thing i didn't
wait for her for a long time b/c i would've been really disappointed.

And I gotta say this. People really expect way too much out of their idols. Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of her and what not but I know she can be a bitch when she wants to be. Because we can ALL be bitches when we want to be. Hell the internet is full of idiotic forum douche bags like me who can be stuck up bitches but you guys really expect too much out of your celebrities. Honestly. What were you expecting? Were you expecting her to just be vibrant and shake your hand and jump for joy that she is meeting you? A lot of you guys are really not too familiar with your celebrity fan relationships. She's the entertainer, you're the entertainee. That's all. She is entitled to sign your CD's and take your pictures. Which she did. I honestly think you were expecting too much from her if you were thinking she would be all sunshine and rainbows. Especially a bipolar girl who is medically prone to mood swings. And why were you expecting to talk to her? Why do anyone think that they have the propensity to talk to a celebrity as if they were BFF's just because they like their music? Now I'm unsympathetic because I know what its like to be shuned by someone you admire. But a lot of you really don't really take the time to appreciate what these people do for a living. It took me a while to understand it but I do. Fact is this. You shouldn't expect much from your favorite singers except to entertain, sign your CD, take your picture and that’s it. Thats all that should be expected from you. Because there is not ONE celebrity out there that doesn't have that “Oh so and so was a bitch to me.” so don't expect too much from your favorite celebrity. Because most of the time you'll be disappointed if you were expecting a warm hug. Cause I can count on a thousand fingers of the “miley cyrus was a bitch to me” stories that I found on imdb. 
PS: No offense but you lost at the “I know” part. That just seems TOO out of place lol. Thats just me.

Comes from anythingdisney. Are you guys shocked? Yeah neither am I.  This person goes by the name of x_unitydivides, and well... here's what she had to say. Obviously my responses coming after hers. 

“met the queen (or what's left of her) 
October 14th, 0:41” 

Wow I gotta say I am impressed. Right off the bat you sling an insult towards Demi Lovato in your header, yet you claim to be a fan. I have to say it takes a lot of nerve to do something like that. Then again you come from anythingdisney. A group that is a breeding ground for prejudice and petty hatred. So I can't really say I am surprised. 

“so i had the pleasure of meeting demi lovato today.” 

Lol, I find it funny you call it pleasure, even though you pretty much insulted her in your entire blog. Yeah with fans like you, who needs haters right? 

“i mean yeah i was really excited because i love her music and everything but when we went up to her for photos she seemed really down.” 

Well it couldn't possibly be due to the fact that she's on a promo tour right and that you're confusing her downed expression with mere simple exhaustion right? I mean simple thoughts like that would cross the mind of anyone with a general level of intelligence. I guess we can rule you out. It's not like she's on a promo tour right now for a new album. Stuff like that usually requires work. I mean for real now. A little common sense is all I ask for. 

“she just came back from NML and we heard many stories (more particularly about a girl who as hugging slash choking her...) about her experience there. when she came out, there was me and 4 other of my friends. we were really calm and everything and we just wanted her to sign our CDs and get a picture and if we're lucky, have a casual conversation.” 

Ok well. You got that right? I mean aside from the casual conversation, ( I dunno why you would expect to have one with her. It's not like you know her or something) you got what you asked for right? Her singing your CD's and a picture of her with you. So I don't understand the meaning of you putting a negative post in a board full of Demi haters. Seriously talk about being ungreatful. 

“she said hi to us and she seemed really out of it.” 

Yeah. Damn her for having an off moment. Doesn't she know that being a celebrity means she has to smile 24/7 and bend to the will of every fan that wants her attention? Who does she think she is? Human or something? That's just crazy!. Oh please. 

“like every time someone would say "I'm such a big fan!" she'd smile and say thank you and the smile would quickly disappear to a really pissed off look.” 

Well it couldn't possibly be due to the fact that she has been working and she just came back from a HUGE television performance hosting gig right? I mean it's not like she is trying to promote her new CD and gearing up for a tour or anything. That couldn't possibly be draining to a certain individual. And its not possible at all for you to confuse “Pissed off” with general exhaustion right? It's not like her job is THAT demanding. No its all her. It's her fault right? Yeah ok. 

“she told us that we should take a group photo.. but we all froze and looked at each other and said "whatever you're comfortable with" but then one of my friends just went up and took a personal photo so we all did the same.” 

So she offered to take a picture with you? Let me get this straight, she offered to take a picture with you, but in your mind, and in the mind of your fellow retards at anything disney, that is obviously not enough for you? You had to take individual pictures? I mean Parish the though that a celebrity was nice enough to sign your CD's take pictures with you and spend her off time for YOU but she even OFFERED to take pictures with you and you have the nerve to complain about it? Lol, talk about being ungreatful. Its like giving away a free car and then you guys start bitching about the color. That seems to be the mentality at AD though. So I really shouldn't be that surprised. 

“a little girl was there as well, and she called her over and she was very sweet to her, gave her a photo and left. she really didn't seem like she wanted to be there.” 

If she didn't WANT to be there, then why would she be staying at the hotel? That makes no sense. And if she was ignoring you then she wouldn't have taken her pictures with you now would she? Do you honestly expect her to be happy and all smiles 24/7 for you? Talk about impossible expectations. I don't understand the purpose of this post. You got what you wanted, your album autographed and pictures with her, that should be it. Yet you have the nerve to insult her on a public forum? If I was demi, and If I knew you were going to do this, I would have told you to go to hell. Frankly I find this post of yours pretty repulsive and your attitude and this sympathy garnering post of yours pretty disgusting. Then again you taylor to anythingdisney. So thats to be expected that you would get sympathy from a group of biggots. 

“i wanted to ask her so many questions; like if she was going to perform in toronto because i was dying to see her live.” 

So you couldn't have just asked her that? If she would be touring in Toronto? You're blaming her for you NOT asking her question? Thats all on you. I dunno what SHE has to do with that. YOU didn't ask her if she was going to tour in Toronto. Give me a break. 

“after the whole experience our friends and i felt horrible. i still feel horrible.” 

If you feel horrible then thats your deal not hers. She did what she was supposed to do. Give you an autograph, and took pictures with you. Why are you mad or sad at that? She spent time with you and even offered to take a picture with you girls and you still have the nerve to act like this? What a ungrateful brat you are. 

“we wanted to give her a gift or something as a thank you or just to somehow cheer her up but we're still shocked with how everything went.” 

Again you got what you asked for. Photos, signed CD's a chance to meet her, why are you complaining or feeling bad? You mean to tell me that even after all the stuff she did for you, you still found ways to bitch about it? Fuck you, you selfish bitch. Fuck you and your group of cunty friends. 

“idk after this whole thing i just feel really bad and i don't blame her because everyone goes through shit in their lives and its evident something was up and she hasn't found herself yet.” 

You don't blame her, yet you insult her, and knock her down even after she took a photo with you and your friends, you still have the nerve to complain about it. Again, fuck you and your group of ungrateful losers. 

“i hope this kind of puts everything in perspective and sorry about the tl;dr + ramble but i'm really tired and dead and people wanted a post so here ya go” 

The only thing that is being put into perspective is that you're a fucking ungrateful bitch and you're a moron that's supported by a group of other morons from a forum full of bias haters. Thats the only thing this shows. What I find insulting is the fact that you bashed her even after she spent her time signing your album and offering to take pictures with your friends. You decided to insult her after she gave you what you wanted, and I find that more insulting than your pathetic hurt feelings. The only reason you are hurt was because she didn't want to act like your BFF. News flash bitch. She isn't your BFF. She's an entertain and your the entertain. Your relationship with her is not a personal one. It's a fan/entertainer relationship and THAT isn't very deep. The fact that she even spent time on you is shocking all together, even after you slammed her. You are nothing short of being ungrateful. 

AN: Hey guys. Miss me? Lol. It's been a while hasn't it? Yeah it's been quite some time since I updated. But here I am with another addition to the story. And I probably lost a few viewers, for that I am sorry that I didn't update in so long. Some personal crap got in the way and well...yeah. Real life blows puppy poop right? From the looks of my LJ journal, you can probably tell I kinda went nuts insulting anythingdisney and putting those brats in their places. I figured it was time to introduce a little positive creativity into this LJ account again. Right? So enjoy the chapter :)

Chapter 8

One can never truly expect the unexpected like most people claim. There are always different variables that you can never take into consideration when planning something out, and if life taught people anything is that, no matter how hard you try to avoid certain scenarios, life just likes to throw you a massive curve ball and smack you on the forehead with it.

With all our per-emptive planning, check listing for possible side scenarios and all the preparations that we take into consideration, there will always be that one little aspect that always creeps up at the last minute. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. The ants will come to ruin the family picnic, your noisy neighbor will blast screamo music out of his high watt speakers when you’re trying to study for a midterm, and no matter how assuring the weather forecast calls for sunny weather, it always seems to rain ruining your good shoes and soaking your new outfit. And just because life likes to toy with people, a car will dip into a near by puddle and completely spraying you with mud.

Oh and lets not your mother forget inviting the person you claimed to be the “worst blind date you ever had” to an important dinner.

Demi didn’t see that one coming, nor did she see the hug that came from Joe Jonas when he wrapped his arms around the flinching blind girl.

That familiar feeling of her previous meal rising up to her throat came back to Demi as she felt the salmon salad she had for lunch that after noon rumbling around in her stomach. The last she wanted to happen was to have Joe Jonas wrapping his arms around her body.

The invasive way he pulled her in and inhaled the fragrant scent of her hair, made her skin crawl. And his arms, god the way his arms wrapped around her waist, if she wasn’t turned off by his inoffensive, she certainly was now.

“Joe…” Demi feigned with fake enthusiasm as she tried to put on her best fake smile. “You’re here, in my house, in front of me. This is…unexpected.”

“Of course I am, your mom did invite me after all, telling me how much you enjoyed our last date, guess you couldn’t get enough of me huh?“

Demi could feel his slimy signature smirk of his playing over his face. She did her best to suppress the shudder that was running up her spine, but she felt her own body involuntarily flinching at the assumption that she couldn’t get enough of him. In fact, the less Joe Jonas she got, the better.

“Did you do something different with yourself? You look great.” Joe’s compliment was followed by a wolf whistle, which just made the blind feel the need to crawl into a hole.

It was true, she did, dress to impress today with the help of her sister. But it certainly wasn’t for Joe Jonas of all people. She suddenly felt the need to wrap her cardigan around her shoulders. It didn’t take a sighted person to hear the lust filled thoughts in the middle Jonas brother’s voice as well as his eyes linger over her body.

Did this guy just have no tact whatsoever?

“So what’s on the grill babe? I’m starving” the invasive young man stated as he walked through the door way without any sort of invitation from the visually impaired brunette. Demi scowled at whatever higher power was controlling her fate.

Whatever she did wrong in a previous life, Karama definitely seemed to be collecting it’s due tonight.

Selena knew that she had her work cut out for this evening. There was no question about that. From her already tense experience with Demi's mother Selena pretty much knew that Diane was going to be the hardest one to win over. From her dagger like glares, to her loaded questions, this felt more like an interrogation rather than being invited to a family dinner. 'So much for southern hospitality' Selena said to herself as she poked at the roast in front of her.

On top of that, she had to deal with the fact that Demi's mother made the impromptu decision to invite the middle Jonai brother, who seemed to be boring everyone at the table about his new “Hit” single. See No More, Hear No More...something along the lines of that. All she knew was that if she had to hear one more shameless promo date for his single, she was going to drive her dinner fork into Joe's temple. For real, How could this man eat? He was so full of himself. Even Diane was trying to feign interest into the young man's self centered conversation.

Each word he spoke of, it was See No More this, See No More that. God if Selena never heard the words See, No And More in the same consecutive pattern, it would be too soon. Looking up, she saw the bored expression on Demi's face as she picked at the plate in front of her. And sitting across from her was Madison who seemed to be rolling her eyes at another JoBros story.

“So what about you Dems?' Joe asked shamelessly as she took another bite out of his roast. “Did you like the new single?”

“What?” Demi asked as her head perked from her plate, to be honest, she wasn't even paying attention to Joe half the time. His choice of table conversation topics was pretty much a mirrored scenario of what Demi experienced when he took her out on their date. Granted this time it was actually bearable knowing that Selena and her family was there to endure the one note conversation that was going on. “Oh uh...I..”

“She loved it! We all did” Diane interrupted, taking a sip from her glass tumbler in front of her. “She absolutely raved about it . Didn't you sweet heart?” Diane asked. More like insisted.

“I did?” Demi asked once again, confusion think her voice as her fork idly poked the salad in front of her. “I guess...”

“Oh yeah, she couldn't stop talking about. You know? She kept telling me how wonderful it sounds and how amazing your vocals were. She raved.”

Demi just sank in her chair as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She hated the fact that her mother was trying to play match maker with someone that she had absolutely no interest in what so ever. And for some odd reason no matter how many times she told her mom that she had no real interest in dating Joe Jonas, her mother for some odd reason felt otherwise.

“Mom what are you doing?” the blind musician harshly whispered to her nosy mother.

“What you like him, talk to him.” Her mother encouraged, prodding her daughter's shoulder.

“Stop it, you're embarrassing me!”

The bickering went on back of forth between mother and daughter while Joe just looked on with a bemused look, while popping in another bite from his plate. Selena could only image the embarrassment that the singer was going through. Deciding that Demi had enough embarrassing moments from, dear ole mama DE La Garza, she decided to intervene

“So Joe, ” Selena spoke out, mentally cringing at the thought of starting a discussion with the highly overrated singer sitting at their table. But if it meant sparing her blind friend further embarrassment, then so be it. She would even go as far as saying that she liked his Music. Well...maybe. “Did you know that Demi's a musician too? You should really hear her play sometimes. She's incredible.”

“Really? I didn't know that.” Joe turned his attention back to the young Lovato teenager. Only to be interrupted just as she was about to respond.

“Yeah!” Diane again chimed in. “She's quite the musician. Maybe you two would like to get together and do a little collaboration? Hmm?”

If life was a cartoon right now, everyone would be collectively face palming them selves at Diane's suggestions. The entire family could see that Demi had no in interest in Joe Jonas what so ever, why couldn't Diane see that about her own daughter?

“Excuse miss De La Garza?” Selena spoke up. A fake smile was feigned on her face as her eyes stared daggers into Demi's mom. “I'm sure you're very proud of your daughter and you have every right to be, but I think you are making her a little uneasy right now.”

“Really...” Diane responded, narrowing her gaze at the scared actress in front of her. “You seem to have a knack for butting into other people's business. First you insult me in front of my family, and then you're telling me how to raise my daughter? Why don't you just take my job and run this family?”

Diane started to raise her voice at the intrusive attitude of the girl in front of her. Insulted at the fact that some teenager was telling her how to be a mother, a mother to a family that she practically fought to keep together was just an insult to her. “You want my husband too while you're at it?”

“I can't believe you!” Selena scoffed at Diane's tone. If this woman was going to push her buttons, then she wasn't beyond playing the same game, despite the fact that this was Demi's mom, she was sick and tired of being stepped on all night. “Can't you see that your making your daughter is uncomfortable right now?”

“She's uncomfortable because of you!”

“No, She's uncomfortable because you're trying to set her up with someone that she has absolutely no interest in! God do you even care about what YOUR daughter thinks? Or are you just to obsessed with controlling her life?!”

“Woah now hold up!” The Middle Jonas Brother now stood up facing the two feuding ladies. “Absolutely no interest? Hello, I'm a Jonas Brother?”

“You know what Joe? Nobody give's a crap about you and your stupid Chris Brown wannabe single, so shut up!” Selena angrily screamed, her flaring focusing on the now surprised and baffled Joseph Jonas, who's only response was to quietly sit back down at his seat.

“Nice!” Maddie cheered while putting fist in the air victoriously. It was about time someone put Joe freaking Jonas in his damn place.

“Oh my god...” Demi whispered as she buried her face in her hands. This entire night was turning into one huge disaster. She should have expected this. She knew what kind of person her mother was, she was just praying that there was some hope that her mom would change, and would be more open to her own decisions. But that wasn't the case. It was just wishful thinking. Her mom would always be this control freak who would never even trust her daughter.

Eddie, the ever so level headed one of the family sensed Demi's distraught. Sitting up slowly he tried his best to intervene between the two feuding ladies.

“Hey, why don't we all have some desert. We have a nice Cherry Jubilee in the fridge.” He spoke smoothly, trying to release some of the now built up tension. However it was clear that his request was falling on deaf ears.

“How DARE you tell me how to run MY family!” At this point all logic was escaping Diane's mind as her fists clenched. “Who the hell do you think you are to give me advice you bratty ungrateful child! I invite you to my home, introduce you to my family and this is how you want to thank me? By trying to turn my family against me?

“Guys?” Dallas attempted to interrupt the two screaming women by trying to inject herself in the middle.”Maybe we shouldn't be SO loud right now? I mean I for one wouldn't want anyone to call the police on us?”

“I'm not TRYING to do anything!” the angry Latina Yelled back ignoring Dallas's comment, her death like glare remaining on Demi's mom “You're doing a bang up job of doing that all by yourself with your...self controlling, micro managing attitude!”

“Well at least I didn't kill anyone!” Diane shouted out, the sheer tenacity in her voice was dripping with malice and disdain as the entire table went silent at her mother's accusation. It was the type of silence that went beyond general awkwardness. This was an out right attack on someone. A vicious out of line unnecessary attack on someone that Diane decided to launch in sheer anger towards the now pale faced teenager.

Everyone's attention was now at the dinner table as they stared in shock at the hostess’s words. Even Edward, got up and ushered the youngest child (who had a look of horror on her face of her mother's words,) out of the room.

“I...” Selena's face paled at Diane's words. She wouldn't. Would she? She wouldn't do this just to push her away from daughter. No, no one can be that cruel. No matter what their intentions were.

“Oh I know all about you Selena, How you got those scars, how you got your friend killed in the same accident because you were too doped up on Heroin? How they found over a gram of cocaine in your glove compartment?”

Seeing the effects her words had on the scared actress knew that she had struck a sensitive nerve in the taller Latina girl. With the assumption in her mind that she was doing the right thing, she continued with her verbal assault. “I read the news articles about you. Do you honestly think I would want my daughter to associate them selves with a killer?!”

For the first time in Demi's life, she was actually glad that she was blind. Because right now, at this very moment, she didn't think she could ever look at her mother in the eyes after this. Spending so much time trying to get to know the girl next to her, she could feel all her efforts crumbling in front of her, just like the strong, unbroken, respectable image she once had of her mother.

A disgruntled and bitter scoff just came from Selena's lips as she looked away from the older woman's piercing gaze. If her mission was to humiliate and break her down in front of Demi and her family, she succeeded. Selena Gomez couldn't feel any more broken than she is right now.

“Well...” A broken voiced stated, the obvious cracks in her tone standing out.

“it was certainly nice meeting you all of you...well most of you at least...Thanks for inviting me Demi. This was just a real great idea.” Selena spoke with such callous sarcasm, the tears building up causing her voice to crack ever so slightly.

“Selena, wait!” Demi called out as as quickly as she could, following her friend to the door, she desperately tried to get the taller girl to listen to her plea. Turning around, she could feel Selena's trembling figure in front of her.

“I didn't...mean for this to happen. I just wanted my family to get to know you please...you have to believe me” Demi pleaded as she tried to convince the Latina that her actions were genuine.

But what could she say. There wasn't much she could do. An apology would be meaningless since she technically did nothing wrong. She wasn't the one who belittled and humiliated the girl in front of her. She had her own mom to thank for that. She was hoping for the best. For some kind of a chance that things between would remain the same.

Grabbing Selena's in her own, she tried once again to reassure her fellow companion that things between them wouldn't change. It was a fools hope that she had right now. A false sense of hope that things between them wouldn't change. That their dynamic would remain in tact and their friendship untarnished. Yet the logical side told her otherwise. There was no way things could stay the same after this night. And Selena's confirmation didn't make things better.

“I'll see you around Demi...” Was all Selena said as she quietly opened the door, leaving the distraught blind girl behind.

Long after the two guests have left, Dallas still sat at the dinner table watching her mother pace back and forth, her anger stewing each time she breezed from the left to the right. Her mother was a Micromanagement conisure. It was no secret that she was the central nervous system of the family. And she always had the best intentions, and the best goals for her family. Diane wasn't someone who didn't do something unless she had good reason for it.

But like they say, the road to hell is often paved with best intentions. And right now she could imagine, what her relationship will be like with her 18 year old counterpart right now. She's seen a lot from her mom, but this time she went way off the grid in terms of going to far.

“Unbelievable, that girl she's....unbelievable! Can you believe her?” Diane yelled as she angrily paced back and forth in the dining room area. Still fuming from the argument she had with Selena, her anger continued to bubble from her like an erupting fountain of lava. With each step she took, her maliciousness seemed to spew out from every word she spoke.

All Dallas could do was just witness her mother's mental break down from afar.

“The nerve of her! She just sat and had the audacity to tell me how to care for my own family? Me, of all people! She thinks she can come her, and poison me with her bull crap? Oh she has another thing coming. I swear to god, I am not done with. If I ever....EVER, see her again...”

“Mom!” The eldest sister finally erupted, standing right in front of her rage ridden mother. “Do you have any idea what you've done, how Demi's going to feel that you drove away her only friend? God what...what the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Dal, Demi can do better than that girl. She can...”

As Diane was interrupted, she looked up to see her daughter walking back into the living room, looking worse for wear. Her arms were crossing her chest as small sobs were escaping her lips, tear streaks were pouring out from the corner of her glasses as she shook with anger.

“Oh Demi...” Diane tried to go to her daughter's side in an attempt to comfort her, only to have her efforts thwarted by Demi violently flinching at her mother's touch. To say that Diane was shocked at her daughter's reaction was an understatement. She thought that nothing in this world could ever break the bond she had with her children. She always thought that a mother's relationship was something that could withstand anything that was thrown at them.

However seeing the obvious traces of betrayal on her daughter's pain ridden face was enough to tell her that this was worse than the occasional mother, daughter arguments that every mom has with their child. This was worse, she had rarely seen this look on her child's face. And when she had, she was never the cause of this tormented facial expression.

“Don't...” the singer seethed angrily Her voice dripping with betrayal and disdain as she shook with anger.

“Oh sweet heart. You can do better than that girl. Don't you see what she's trying to do? She's using...” she tried to plea with her daughter once again, only to be met with the same reaction.

“I hate you.” Came the younger child's response as she began to inch away from her mother. “I hate you so much right now.” in the back of Demi's mind, she knew that she was talking irrationally. There was no way that she could hate her mother. But right now she was just so god damn angry at her for what she did that she couldn't speak rationally right now. So she said the only thing that came to her mind.

“What?” Diane was horrified at the choice words of her daughter. Did she really hear what she thought she did? Did demi really hate her own mother? No she couldn't have said that. There was no way that Demi, her own flesh and blood would say something like that. Not to her. Not after the relationship she built with her own child. There was no way that she heard her daughter say something so hateful towards her. No, she had to get through to her child.

“Demi, she's trying to hurt you, she trying to to use you like those girls did back at Cross...”

“You're the one that hurts me!” The blind girl shouted, hot tears now streaming down her face as all of her emotional turmoil bubbled out an control as she aimed all of her pain and anger to her very own mother.

“It's always you, It's always been you! God, I don't even feel like I'm your daughter sometimes. No matter how bad anyone has treated me in the past, it's always you that hurts me the most!”

Her words viciously cut through Diane's heart as she stood there with her hands being brought to her mouth. She couldn't believe the words that were coming from her daughter right now. Demi, her Demitria was a kind girl. A girl that would never say anything vicious or hurtful to anyone. A girl who was thankful and kind and always treated her family with love.

The girl in front of her right now wasn't her daughter. This was a pained woman who was lashing out at her with words that her daughter would never use towards her own mom.

“Demi...why are you saying things like....”

“Why don't you just lock me in my room 24/7! It's obvious you don't want me to have a life outside of this house. I don't even feel like your daughter anymore! I feel like I'm your fucking prisoner! ” Demi yelled once more before slouching against the wooden wall of the dining room. She crumbled to the floor as she buried her face into her own hands, letting her sobs rack through her body.

Dallas being the older sister she was felt her younger sibling’s pain as she scooped the sobbing 18 year old girl in her arms. Feeling her sister's tears soaking her collar, she just let the younger one cry into her shoulder. Casting a worried looking to her mother, she caught a glance at her shame ridden face.

The almost emphasis in Demi's voice coupled along with the brutal and cruel words her daughter used just sounded so foreign to the older mother figure. She could feel her own heart breaking at Demi's words as they replayed over in her mind. She...hated her. Her Demi, the one she hugged and cared for ever since she was a little girl...hated her. Placing her hands over her own heart, she could feel the pain from her words seeping into her chest. As she slowly dragged her feet away from her two girls, the numbing pain inside her chest continued to worsen.

Diane found herself feeling something she thought she would never feel in a million years. Clueless. Absolutely and positively clueless in how she was going to fix things between her and her daughter.


I knew this wasn't going anywhere.

"This. She totally blew it."

Tell that to the people who have attended her sold out concerts kid. I think they might have something different to say.

"She should've taken some more time and released a truly mature, heartfelt album."
So because you didn't like it, that means it's not mature or heatfelt? I mean she said this album was about making yourself feel good. She stated so from the getgo when she was making this CD it was about feeling good about yourself. Seems like a heartfelt message to me. Be it mature, compared to her first two, she has shown significant growth. Even that review on the new york times said she has grown as a singer.

"Pulled an Alanis Morrissette and just been brutally honest."

Its kinda funny when you guys want brutally honest, and you GOT brutally honest, yet you still bash it. She said she was looking to make album for people to feel GOOD about them selves. That was HONESTY coming from her. So you got that. Shut the fuck up

"But she wussed out, imo, and went for safe kiddie pop crap." 
So safe kiddie pop is her singing about promiscuity in her cd's, safe kiddie pop is about her singing about her father's drinking and how it ruined her relationship with her dad? Or safe kiddie pop is about her singing about her torment she went through? It maybe "pop" but its hardly kiddie. Yeah...you might want to re think this statement.

no offense but compared to her other albums this was a more "mature" and "heartfelt album" I mean aside from the fast dance beat and R and B sound, which is honestly different rather than good or bad, it's still honest. She said that this album was about making people feel good about them selves. And in all honest it is exactly that. And this isn't kiddie pop crap. Kiddie pop crap was her first two albums. Kiddie pop crap is something like Aqua's first album. Not this. This is NOT kiddie pop crap. It maybe Pop but not kiddie pop. 

If anything this is probably Demi's most mature and honest album she has considering that she's still with Hollywood Records. As far as blowing it is concerned, we just gotta wait and see for that. This is only one review. From a magazine that is known for writing crap and bias reviews in the first place. You can't base an album off of one pathetically written review. And judging from what the twitter sphere says, aside from the people on this group, her album seems to be getting positive remarks and positive reviews from users. Thats what matters.

2011-09-18 02:57 pm (UTC)
She had such a great opportunity to make a record with stories and inspirations from the past year, but she opted to make a mindless pop album that doesn't really show growth as a songwriter.

Okay sure her voice improved, but it doesn't say much when you use it to sing songs like "You're My Only Shorty."

That being said, I love the album, but I'm a disappointed cos it seems to be lacking heart and soul.

“She had such a great opportunity to make a record with stories and inspirations from the past year,”

And she didn't do that with this album? I mean she even stated that she was singing about things in her past that she never would have sun about before. IE Skyscraper, For the Love Of A Daughter, Fix A Heart, and what not? She said she was going to give her fans a balance between the two. Meaning it was not ALL gonna be depressing and all about her issues. That would be extremely depressing.

“but she opted to make a mindless pop album that doesn't really show growth as a songwriter.”

You know it's really funny that you call her album a mindless pop album when the singer you so shamelessly stan is nothing more than a mindless pop singer. Miley Cyrus has to be the most generic pop singer out there compared to what we have right now. You think her Can't Be Tamed is anything different or shocking that we haven't heard before? And if your going by reviews, RS didn't give CBT a review that was that much better than Unbroken.

“Okay sure her voice improved, but it doesn't say much when you use it to sing songs like "You're My Only Shorty."”

Cause Miley Cyrus's Who Owns My Heart is just brimming with originality right? Fact is an entire album of sad songs and what not is probably the worst thing she can do. Fact is she did get better with this CD. The fact that you are focusing on the POP TRACKS, when people like Cryus are just as poppy is frankly asinine.

“That being said, I love the album, but I'm a disappointed cos it seems to be lacking heart and soul.”

So if you like it, then why slam it? I don't get it. You like an album yet you feel the need to slam it because it lacks “heart and soul”? Do you even know what that means? God you likes just like to bash someone with such biasness and generic
hatred. It would be funny if you weren't so pathetic.

2011-09-18 02:58 pm (UTC)
Mte. Like, I didn't really want her to make a "recovery" album and have it all be completely depressing, but I wanted something more personal and less generic.

Just because an album isn't to your liking doesn't mean it was NOT personal. Fact is everything you listen to has some sort of “generic” quality to it. Miley, Selena, Demi, the JoBros, there is something generic to them. However that is NOT to say that this album is not “personal” to her. She hAS personal tracks on it as well as some upbeat ones. So basically you got what you wanted. You wanted an album that was Not completely depressing and not a RECOVERY one. Well here you go. Shut the fuck up.

2011-09-18 02:55 pm (UTC)
Man, harsh.
Then again, this album is just weird. lol idek how to describe it.
She should've made an album in between this one and the last one that was a mix of both styles before she switched completely.
I think the fact that it's so different from the last one and the lyrics are bad in most of them and she wrote less and blahblahblah just catches people off guard.
This was more of a bad move than a good one imo.

Really? She should have made an album between this one and the last one? You mean while she was in rehab? You would have liked to see her make an album? Yeah I think that would be kind of hard to do. I don't understand what your complain about mixing up the style is. She stated in interviews that she was going for a different sound. You knew ahead of time what she was going for. If you think her lyrics are bad, then thats your perogative. In all honesty it does show significant growth in my eyes but thats me. But the fact that you were caught off guard because of the sound is frankly stupid on your end because she stated what the sound was going to be on her new album.

As faras it being a bad more rather than a good one, aside from this review from the rolling stones, she seems to be enjoying some positive feedback from her fans and from some critics alike. So it looks it was a better move to be honest. But you knew she was going for. There's no excuse on your end for your ignorance.

"Its going to drop like flies after its first week just like Skyscraper. I guess Demi's tough journey~ always ends in her tumbling down the BB hot 100."

Uh Skyscraper is still ON the top one hundred bill boards. And it's kept a solid position in the top 100 hundred on itunes for a while. What are you talking about? You're an idiot.

PS: Deplorable doesn't mean sad.

Few questions for Kristin Turley

OK I am going to ask a few serious questions here that a lot of you SHOULD ask, but you're all too stupid to ask the questions to actually validate this story. It seems like haters in general just want to hate on SOMEONE for no reason yet no one wants to question the validity of this story. So I have a few things that needs to be addressed in this little blog post of mine to one Kristin Turley. Krisy, you don't mind if I call you krisy do you? No of course you don't. I gotta know a few things about this particular work of fiction of yours. I went through it before and, I was not convinced at any of this crap. But there are a few inconsistencies that I need to know about before I go ahead and believe a word of this rubbish.

1. Why did you chose to write this story in such a dramatic way? Normally when people tell their stories of certain celebrities being bullied or their encounters with certain celebrities, they just outright tell it. They just say “OMG This is what happened with me and my friend who met so and so” they just say right off the bat that THIS is what happened to me and THIS is where it happened. Yet you start this little essay of yours as if it was a graphic novel or some bad fan fiction. Honestly I didn't get the vibe of truth from your story. I got the vibe of some stupid bitch trying to cash in on the Demi comeback buzz by using some graphic style of writing to make their story sound more “theatrical” rather than convincing. I mean why not just Tell us right off the bat what happened and what was said? You waited until the 5th paragraph to finally get into the meat of your story. It took you five paragraphs just to say “she did this to me and I hate her for it.” really? Five Paragraphs? Again is this you telling us truth? Or a fictionalized story? Or maybe it's a little of both. Because maybe there is SOME truth to this. But it's not the exact way that you told it. Nobody is a hundred percent innocent in any situation. Which brings me to my next question.
2. If she did these things as you claim, what did you do or say to her to MAKE her do these things? Now I'm not trying to downplay anything but nobody is ever one hundred percent innocent. And we all have to own up to what we are doing. And frankly she is doing that by speaking out AGAINST bullying. For you idiots who don't know what own up means. Owning up is pretty much prevention of what has happened. So even if she DID do this, she's been trying hard to prevent it from happening again to other people.( Oh yes idiots. You can bully others and still BE bullied and you can speak out about it. You know how many peace activists were former war vets? Do your research you morons. ) But I digress. Since we're talking about honesty here, lets here your sins. Because what you are doing right now is ten times worse than a 12 year old giving you a make over and stealing your scrunchie. You're trying to stop someone from being their sole bread winner for their entire family. Regardless of hatred or not, you're picking on a girl that doesn't exist anymore. And I don't care what any idiot on this site has to say, none of you personally know her. And that brings me to my third question.
3. What up with the inconsistencies? Seriously I wanna know what is up with the inconsistency in this post? Most tell all posts aren't full of remarks that are inconsistent yet here we are. But you know what IS full of loop holes and inconsistent jargin? Fan fiction. Well fiction to be exact. And thats what this is. I mean for the love of god if you are going to write something at least try to sell your lie kid. First off elementary and middle school are not the years when you discover your identity. That is wrong. Your teenage years are where you discover your true self. When you're 9 to 12 years old, you're still in the process of growing up. You find out about yourself in your late years. That is your first mistake. Your second mistake was claiming that you were insecure with yourself and that you were a tomboy that never wore your hair down. If you were a tomboy you wouldn't care about how you wore your hair or about your hair in general. Have you actually SEEN a tomboy? Most of them don't give a crap about their hair and a lot of them don't have them in pony tails. I'm not saying its a HUGE factor in determining a tomboy but since you're bringing it up, I just thought I should mention that it's not very common that a tomboy would put their hair in a pony tail. Also if these were your two closest friends at 6th grade why would they help a bully to bully you? That doesn't make sense to me. Are you trying to tell me that Demi Lovato had massive clout and influence at 12 years of age? You're telling me that Demi Lovato was the freakin John Gotti of Grapevine and Cross Timber at 12 years of age and got two of your CLOSEST friends to pin you down and give you an impromptu make over? Bull crap. Also if it didn't bug you that much, why wait until she was FAMOUS to write these stories and rehash them when she is at her highest? Sorry you make no sense and this is coming off as you looking for fifteen minutes of fame. This is what we call coat tail riding toots, and you are guilty of it.
4. Why So Dramatic? Honestly have you taken your “How to lie about celebrities being a douche bag to me.” class? Honestly have you? I think you need a class on how to actually sell a lie because you're terrible at it babe. Look at the chick that claimed Miley Cyrus was a bully. She just flat gave her interview on radar and said she was a bully called a fat girl a dyke, was a total brat and that was about it. And that she changed in middle school when she was getting famous. Boom right there and then she told the world who she was and what she did. No drama, no nothing. And a lot of people believed her. You on the other hand? All this added drama and first person narrative about your “eyebrows furrow and my muscles tense up and I get this awful feeling in my stomach. Hatred. Shame. Jealousy. The injustice of it all just wells up inside of me and there’s just no way to release” just screams jealousy and petty spite. It denotes any shred of truth that you might have had. What the heck is this you telling a truth or a frank miller book? That and when you deactivated your tumblr and forumspring account as well as made your twitter account private also sent up a few red flags. If you said you don't want this to define you well then why dedicate an entire blog to this and THEN say “your past doesn't define you” yeah what about the past of the woman you decided to slander? I'm sure the real case is that the Lovato's got wind of your statement and decided to slap a slander and or a libel suit on you. And rightfully so might I add. But the fact that you claimed that you would give anything to confront her yet are SO scared of her because her meanie beanie attitude just makes me laugh. That alone makes me question your validity. Well that and the fact that you claim to have not seen her ever since she left grapevine yet YOU for some reason still KNOW that she has not changed. Really I want to address this statement here.

“People say ‘well you don’t know she hasn’t changed’ yeah I do. She’s been back to Grapevine a few times, and friends from school have seen her. She’s the same. Snobbish. Conceited. Self-righteous. Freaking evil."

Seriously, you JUST told us that you haven't seen her since she moved from grapevine which was a good 7 years ago. Since we're going by the fact that she was 12 or 13 in the 6th grade it's safe to assume that this is a 6 to 7 year gap since the last time you saw her. So how can you claim that you've seen her when you have a 6 to 7 year gap in between without even talking to her? That makes no sense!But if that part didn't convince me, then this part did convince me that this was just some ole bull crap.

“And what do I have? Mild bi-polar disorder and acne. A mediocre wardrobe. Boring hair. Obnoxious personality. I would never be able to face her.”

Which brings me to my last question

5. Why mention that last statement? Why put that last statement if all you wanted to do was to tell your story? You pretty much told everything you wanted to but you had to add this part in for some BS dramatic flare that was not needed when all you had to do was say “this is what happened, this is the celebrity that did this to me, I want the world to know that 9 year old girls can be brats!” that’s all you had to say. Instead you added this whole “I'm not rich like Demi,” which pretty much tells us why you are doing this. Because you're jealous. And this isn't a rant on truth, it's a rant on jealousy. Your right, you would never be able to face her. You know why? Cause you would get a libel suit slapped on you so fast if you did.

And that wasn't it. I had a lot more questions I wanted to ask you as well. Why did you delete your account and tell people that you didn't want this to define who you were when you spent an entire month talking about it? Why did you change your twitter name and made it private unless you had something to hide? Why did you not take this to some gossip site like TMZ or what not? You know to get yourself some recognition? Yet you only put it on tumblr? No offense but tumblr doesn't get it out to everyone. If you wanted to tell people the so called “truth” about her (not that a 9 year old girl being bratty is a surprise to anyone) why not put it on a bigger medium? And finally, why end it with this?

“So that’s my story. That’s my childhood. That’s the story of how I was bullied by Demi Lovato."

This isn't how people end their traumatic tales unless they were writing fan fiction. Sorry Kristy Turley but all this and then some says your rant was purely fiction. Now am I saying that this is no truth to this? No not at all. I'm sure buried under all this BS there is a VERSION of the truth, but chances are, it's not the truth that YOU are selling to is. It's no surprise that every celebrity has a “bully” story told about them. Maybe if the morons on ONTD actually did research they'd find out that EVERY celeb has a bully story about them. But no they like single idiots out, which is why they will never ask questions like this. But I'm calling you out Turley. I'm calling you out and I call bull crap on your entire post.
So yeah. I'm a LITTLE late to this party but it seems like someone has decided to finally jump on the “Demi was a Bully” bandwaggon JUST as she is about to make a new album and what not. I mean cause that's not conincidental at all right? I mean here's a pop star who is JUST about to release a new album after a successful comeback single, and then all of a sudden there is some dumb fame hogging coat tail riding brat looking to rain on her parade? We've seen this before haven't we kiddies? Yeah we have. So lets get on with this now.
“I’ll see a magazine article, a commercial, a youtube video, a tweet, a post, a picture. And it just infuriates me. My eyebrows furrow and my muscles tense up and I get this awful feeling in my stomach. Hatred. Shame. Jealousy. The injustice of it all just wells up inside of me and there’s just no way to release it. I don’t know why this has been the one thing I have never been able to let go. I don’t hold grudges. But this is just too much. It affected me too much. It changed my life. It ruined my childhood. She destroyed me.”
Yeah I'm gonna stop you right here because frankly I'm already doubting you. First off I don't understand what is up with the whole dramatic theatrical flare of your little rant here Kristin. I mean for someone tell the truth about someone else who is now a famous celebrity (like THAT hasn't happened before) you sure put a lot of theatricality in your post here. Normally people JUST tell other people what happened and that would be it. But here you are giving this entire little Ralph Waldo Emerison opening here and it really makes me question the validity of this statement. I mean I can just imagine the dramatic music that you were imagining when you wrote this.
“I don't hold grudges. But this is TOO MUCH -gasp- It affected me tooooo much! IT ruined my childhooood!!! But worst of all...-shudder- she destroyed me. Oh...woe is me...thy 9 year old girl hath destroyed me!” wooo! I can just imagine this being in a shakespearean play. For real now. Am I the only one who is calling bull crap after reading the first paragraph? I don't think so. I mean Really? This is the theme that you are going for in this little essay of yours? Alright...lets proceed.
“I never understood why she just flat out hated me. I was different, yeah, but what did I do to deserve what she did to me? What she said to me? How she acted towards me? So I was a tomboy. How was that her business? So I wasn’t the daughter of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Who cares? So I wasn’t on Barney and BFFs with Selena Gomez. I didn’t want any of that. So I wasn’t beautiful and popular. Why did she have to rub it in my face?”
Oh gee, a girl who is the daughter of a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader is is best friend with a back THEN unknown Selena Gomez. Gee I wonder who you could be talking about right now. Very subtle there Kristin. Very subtle. Seriously though why mention Selena Gomez? If this happened back in the day when you were like 9 or so, then why even TALK about Selena Gomez as if she was relevant back in the 90's? Cause nobody gave a **** about Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez back in the 90s'. Nobody even knew their names. We were into **** like Stone Temple Pilots. Nirvana, Peral Jam, ****ing No Doubt. But you brought up Selena Gomez as if she was relevant? You already last me in the beginning paragraph kiddo. But now you're just stretching it. And we're only one paragraph in!
“Elementary and Middle School are the years when you discover your identity, your personality, your sense of self. They are the years you spend defining yourself and building self-confidence. So what happens when that is interrupted? What happens when, during the time you’re supposed to be gaining self-esteem, a single person breaks you down, bit by bit, day by day? Me. That’s what happens.”

No no no. I'm sorry but no. No no no no no. You do not discover yourself and your identity when you are in elementary school or even middle school. You don't discover yourself at 9 years old. You discover yourself in your teen years. Your MID teen years to be exact. When you're 14 or 15. Your HIGHSCHOOL years you discover your identity, your personality your SENSE of self. The only thing you discover at elementary and middle school is which game consoles have better tittles? The SNES or the Sega Genesis. THAT is your biggest self discovery at that age. Because EVERYONE was a prick at that age. I'm sure there are moments where YOU bullied others because you had a bad day or some **** like that. But no. Sorry this is where you lose credibility. You don't discover your self at middle school. You discover yourself in your mid teens. That is the general experience.

“I understand that everyone who is a bully is a bully for a reason. They were abused, mistreated, or bullied themselves. But that’s an explanation, not an excuse. There is no excuse for the way she treated me.”

So then by this logic I can say that there is no excuse for YOUR behavior for trying to capitalize on the whole Buzz for this popstar right? Dunno about you but a lot of people would consider you trying to leach off of a famous icon as some form of tacky and pretty reprehensible act here. So whats the excuse for you trying to squeeze a little klout from this particular family? Hypocrite much deary?

“I remember one time in 4th grade where we were sharing ideas as a group of 4 (she was in my group) with the class. The teacher asked my group for one last idea, and I asked my group if I could share since I had a pretty good one. She looked me in the eye and said, “No one cares what you have to say.” I don’t remember much from Elementary and Middle school, probably because they were so awful for me, but that moment stands out in my mind. I’ve never been able to forget it.”

So it takes you four paragraphs to finally get into the meat of your little tale of woe...FOUR dramatically descriptive naritive paragraphs for you to get into the story? Four paragraphs. Yeah normally people don't start off their whole “This celebrity was mean to me” essay with a ****ing sililoque of sorrow and woe. They just get into it and say “this chick did this to me and she said that and it ****ing scared me for life. I want the world to know.” But this whole thing of yours just reeks fictionalized desperation deary. It really does. Also I like how you say “ I don't remember much from elementary school and middle schools because it was so so bad. Oh woe is me.” Yet then you bring up an incident FROM middle school? The contradictions in this alone makes me question your validity.
But lets move on. Cause I got a LOT to write on.

“in 6th grade, I was surprised to find myself friends with 2 of the most popular girls in my grade. I tried to ignore the fact that she was one of their closest friends too. But one day after lunch, while everyone was in the courtyard, she decided to approach me. With the help of my 2 ‘friends’, she pinned me down on a picnic table. She took my ponytail out (I never wore my hair down. Ever. I was very self-conscious and hated change.) and wouldn’t give it back. I never wore makeup (Like I said before, I was a tomboy), and she decided it was time to change that. While she had my 2 closest ‘friends’ pin me down, she caked my face in makeup. Bawling, I ran inside. I locked myself in the bathroom and washed my face. But I had to go to class. Terrified as I was to wear my hair down, I held my hair up for the entire class because she told people not to give me a spare hair tie. I spent an hour red-faced, arm up, sniffling in the back of the room. I was humiliated. It was the worst day of my life”

Ok so I'm gonna stop you right there because now you're just going from every day “dramatic” to over the top movie villain dramatic. Yeah I'm gonna have to call you out on this because the only thing you're showing me right now is that you're very good at writing fiction. I'm not saying that this could never have happened, yet the over dramatic writing, the harsh and distraught language and what not and the overuse of the whole “Woe is me” person really makes me laugh at this entire sentence. I mean these two people only became friends with you because of the queen bee Demi Lovato wanted to mess with you? Are you for real kid? You mean to tell me that at the age of 12, Demi Lovato was this John Gotti like girl who had all the ins and outs of this school figured out and what not? I bet you're gonna say that killed your horse and you found it's severed head in your blanket right? I stopped taking you seriously about two paragraphs ago. Now you're just being silly.

“After she left school, things got a little better. I began to forget about her and move on.”

oh good then. So that means it wasn't THAT traumatic for you since you forgot about her and moved on. I mean it's not like her fame all of a sudden just reminded you of something that you even CLAIM to have forgotten right? Thats just silly right there.

“And then she became famous. Her face was everywhere. Her songs were on the radio. She showed up in my magazines. I heard people talking about how she was going on tour. Thousands of little girls looked up to her as a role model. Someone to be adored and envied.”

…I spoke to soon. Ok here you shoot yourself in the foot with this article girly. Her FAME made you remember her? Her FAME made you remember her? You just said in the same essay that you forgot about her and that you moved on. But then all off a sudden, you couldn't STAND to see a 12 year old girl become a famous icon at 17 years of age? Why is it that there is always one ass hole that claims “this person was a bully to me.” but could never ever EVER back it up with solid proof? And yes I am well aware that there are other stories out there claiming that this girl was a bully. But so does every other ****ing celebrity out there. Hell back in the earl 2000s you know how many stories there were of Britney Spears being the bully of her school and what not? You know how many stories there were and ARE of Miley Cyrus being a bully? And you know how many of them were bull crap? I'm not saying yours is bull crap...well ok I am. But can you blame me? You make this sound just WAN to dramatic. Like over the top dramatic. Demi was this queen bee in your school. Demi was this girl that controlled the popular kids to her every day bidding. Demi was this. Demi was that. Next you're gonna give me some bull crap line that Demi was “adding insult to injury right?”

“And the worst part of all? She added insult to injury.”

Sigh...I hate it when I'm right.

“She gave interviews about how she was ‘bullied’ in school. About how she ‘didn’t understand’ why girls hated her. She began making videos and commercials about putting an end to bullying. The hatred and injustice of it all welled up inside of me. How could a person be so wicked? It made me sick to my stomach. It still does. And I just hate her. She doesn’t deserve it. The fans, the attention, the fame, the love, the wealth, any of it.”

I thought you said you forgot about her! Then why the **** would you care about what SHE does or what anyone else around her does for that matter? What the **** are you on? Seriously are you smoking Salvia or some **** like that? How the **** are you gonna say that you don't care what she did or that you forgot about her supposed “torment” and then throw in some bull crap about how she is doing an “injustice”to you by talking about ending bullying and what not? And you know whats the saddest part about all of this? She was 9 years old. There isn't one 9 year old girl out there who wasn't a brat at one point who wasn't an ungreatful ***** at some point in their life, who didn't act out of line like a little prissy ****. There wasn't one 9 to 12 year old who acted like that because they didn't know any better. But the fact that you, a full grown woman is gonna sit there and claim that she doesn't deserve her rewards for her hard work that she has done for people, frankly is more offensive and frankly ten times worse than any addolesent bully out there has done in their days of youth.

You have sat there and expected a coat tail riding from this celebrity and her entire family
to hook you up with some serious clout by just mentioning her name and making up some bull **** story than any idiot 9th grader can do with a basic elementary reading level. And frankly that is more offensive than anything ANY bully has done. How dare you leach off this girls fame for your own little fifteen minutes. You disgust me you coat tail riding little cunt. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying she doesn't deserve her success when she worked her ass off for it. Not to mention there are REAL people out there with REAL injustices commited against them and you dare chose a teenage celebrity as your vent of trying to get five minutes of fame?
Shame on you. Shame on you, you soul sucking *****.

“I know I’m supposed to love my enemies, but it’s just too much. I was hurt too much, too young. I’m just disgusted. Full of bitterness. How do I overcome this? How do I move on, so many years later? Why can I not let this go?”

Oh shut the **** up. Shut the **** up you stupid ****ing *****. Some people are gonna call this victim bashing but you know what? I don't ****ing care. Let them. Let people call me a victim basher because frankly I am so sick of these idiots looking to make bank off of a ****ty story involving someone that they lost track of in a five year ****ing gap. Assuming that this is true. Most likely you're feeding us some serious bull **** garbage here since you claim that you want to confront her yet you're too afraid to. When You had EVERY ****ing chance to confront her assuming that she went back to Grapevine. Go **** yourself you fame leaching stupid *****. **** you.

“What I would give for the chance to confront her. To look in her eyes and tell her how much damage she did. People say ‘well you don’t know she hasn’t changed’ yeah I do. She’s been back to Grapevine a few times, and friends from school have seen her. She’s the same. Snobbish. Conceited. Self-righteous. Freaking evil. But at the same time, I don’t think I
could confront her. I’m terrified of her.  .”

So you want to confront her, and had many chances to do so, yet when you HAVE the chance, you do nothing? Yeah ok you're full of **** lady. You want to talk about damage? There are people who have done actual damage to other. REAL psychological damage to those who have been seriously hurt while they were ADULTS for that matter. But the fact that you contradict yourself so many times in this story and you ****ing backtracking like a god damn mother ****er pretty much PROVES to me how full of ****ing **** you are! Give me a mother ****ing break! You want to confront her but you don't to?

And no you don't know her. I'm sorry but you don't. I don't care WHAT you say but you have had over a five to ten year gap to know this girl and you claim to have had every chance in the ****ing world to confront her yet you say ****ing nothing to her? No. You do NOT know her. The girl she was at 9 isn't the same girl she is at 19. If you claimed to have the chance to confront her yet have said NOTHING to her then there is NO way you would know that she was a different person assuming that there is a SHREAD of truth to this bull **** story you just fed us. If she's been back to grapevine and you have had the opportunity to meet her yet didn't, then there is no way you would be able to know if she is the same snobbish conceited self righteous “freaking evil” person that you claimed she was back in her days as a 9 year old. Don't feed me that ****ing bull **** you stupid ****. You know that this is most likely? One of three things. The first one is that you're making this **** up and just interjecting moments of her publicized life in your little post. Anyone can do that about any celebrity. It's not hard at all to make **** up and have it SOUND legit and fit it into a specific time frame. It's pretty easy to do. A convincing lie is still a lie kid and you have TONS of holes in your story. Two, You're probably a fan of one of her competitors and you're trying to make her look bad to give your competition a little boost, or three, there is a SHREAD of truth to this but not what you claim to be. Maybe innocent people are just innocent in the movies and in make believe world, but in reality, in the REAL world, everything happens for a reason. So number three is that some of these things DID happen but not in the way YOU claimed they do (with SUCH minute details by the way.) and most likely they have been altered to fit your story. More than likely YOU were the bully and she did some of these things in retaliation to what YOU did and now you're seeing someone YOU bullied back in your school come out looking famous while you're just some stupid schlep in a boring 9 to 5 job

Those are the three possible scenarios. Because there is no way you claim to NOT remember much but then remember vivid minute details about certain things that you don't remember? Learn to sell a lie you idiot. Learn to sell a Lie.

“Young girls covet her looks and her talent. And what do I have? Mild bi-polar disorder and acne. A mediocre wardrobe. Boring hair. Obnoxious personality. I would never be able to face her.”

And the real reason comes out. Jealousy. You know, I would have believed SOME version of this bull **** you told me, but the instance you said this, the second you decided to put this in your little post, you pretty much exposed your true intentions right here and now. I mean the much added dramatic flare that you put in pretty much exposed your BS already but...this was just a fact in it's self. Good job in contradicting yourself.

“The whole thing just makes me mad. And when I look even further inside myself, it makes me sad. It makes me hate myself. It makes me hate her. It makes me hate the people that are fooled by her. I just can’t stand it.”

If you can't stand it, then why are you talking about it? Why make a HUGE Tumblr blog JUST to make this one post a month ago only to delete it afterwards? Why make a HUGE rant on twitter tweeting to her what an evil person she was and then all of a sudden delete both accounts and try to act as if you said nothing? You pretty much tried to wipe this entire blog off the face of the earth but then you tweeted something like “I don't want this to define me. My past doesn't define who I am,” you know who makes tweets like that? Guilty people! And you baby girl have shown us how guilty you are! Congrats kid. You have nullified EVERYTHING you have stated here with that tweet of yours. You fail at life.

“So that’s my story. That’s my childhood. That’s the story of how I was bullied by Demi Lovato.”

And scene. I bet you had a lot of fun making up this little piece of fiction of yours eh baby girl? Here's the thing that you need to know. Only haters would believe this bull **** of yours. No one in the right mind would take this **** of yours seriously after you injected a TON of theatrical drama into this post of yours.
Now am I saying that there is no truth to this what so ever? No of course not. There could be some truth to this. However chances are is that there is a LOT of embellishment and there is a LOT of covering up on YOUR end to make you look better. In fact I'd say the way you try to make yourself sound SO guiltless yet so desperately try to sell this sob story along with some cryptic tweets about how “You don't want to be known for this.” not that anyone gives a **** about you or any other coat tail rider. No chances are you were just as bad as anyone else who had bullied in their times. Because it is a known fact that the bullier can also be bullied victims as well. And there is a HIGH chance that you probably bullied someone in YOUR time Kristin Turley, there is probably a HUGE chance that you bullied someone and you ****ing messed with their **** because you had a bad day. Hell you're doing it right now by not even providing a single shred of proof.
She had the ignorance of YOUTH on her side, what's your excuse that a grown woman with no social skills would write some bull **** garbage like this?

The simple fact is this. You don't ACT like someone who was truly burned by Demi Lovato. You Don't ACT like someone who had a HUGE traumatic event that had been done to them. You act like a fiction writer who is trying to over sell a story to garner a reaction from the public. Nothing more nothing less. You are a phony. Your words give you away. THAT is why you deleted your tumblr account, THAT is why you deactivated your forumspring page and THAT is why you changed your twitter name and protected it. THAT doesn't tell us that you have nothing to hide. That tells us that you're lying through your god damn teeth.
Get the **** off my internet you mentally inept ****. And take every silly ***** who thinks just like you along with ya.
john lennon
Demi Kindly Holding Cigarettes in Her Purse for a Friend
August 31st, 8:10

Demi was seen out yesterday having lunch with a friend. Lovato also was snapped with a carton of cigarettes in her purse! Wow. I called it. But I'm sure she's just carrying them for her friend. Yup. Do you think Miley & Demz used to smoke together? Do extremely addicting cigarettes/nicotine count as a drug? idk but #soberissexy

Lol you called it? Wow I am impressed. You had a 50/50 chance of guessing that she was smoking. Yeah, no your real impressive kid. That's about as impressive of me stating that Selena Gomez is smoking ciggs. Which I also have a 5/50 chance of her doing so. But yeah good play on insulting her sobriety even though ciggs aren't mind altering drugs. You nailed it on the head with that one kid. Dumb ass. Good job you had a 50/50 chance of getting something right based off a random assumption. Not impressed.

You know for a college student Pseudovirus, You're not very smart. Last time i checked smoking doesn't fuck your sobriety. Seriously are you sure you went to college? Or school for that matter? I'd tell you to get a 7th grade education but you apparently don't know basic science to know that its the addictive mindset that causes harm. not the substance it's self.

Also it's Legal isn't it? So what the fuck do you care? Seriously who did you pay off to get into whatever school you're in now?

Aug. 24th, 2011

LOL Demi Unfollowed Miley. Mucho drama
August 24th, 1:39



Pseudovirus, are you saying that Miley Does drugs? CheyneThomas are you here to solidify the fact that Miley offered Drugs to Demi and that you are supporting Miley's decision to give her drugs? Are you here to say that there is truth to Demi's statement with your whole honestyissexy bit?

Miley and CheyneThomas are you saying that you guys are hanger oners and that you tried to get Demi Lovato to do drugs?

So basically you are saying is that Miley does drugs...Pseudovirus are you aware that you are supporting someone's drug use? Are you also aware that Miley Cyrus has been ousted as a drug user?

Seriously you ought to ask your self a serious question. With all of Miley's past allegations of drug use, under age drinking and a slew of other scandals that she's been involved in, is it so hard to believe that Miley is possible to do something like that? Again the question isn't why would Demi slam Miley, but what would prompt her to make such a tweets in the first place? Obviously we know WHY she deleted them and re followed Miley. She's in the middle of a career transition which seems to be pretty positive. She's gotten great press as of late and it wouldn't be in her best interest to air out her dirty laundry on a public venue like twitter. So Why would she lie about something like that? What is her motive for her LYING about something as serious as a fellow friend giving a post rehab girl drugs? You gotta see it from her point of view and not use this nepotism as your little argument. What could she gain out of lying about this especially after she's been so truthful about her past troubles? And even admitting to experimenting? Don't you think it's just a little callous that ANYONE at all would give drugs to a rehabbed girl? Obviously she went to rehab so she doesn't want anymore of that in her life. Last time I checked, giving a post rehab patient is a lot worse than deleting tweets. So the question is what would prompt her to do something like this? How can you be SO sure that Miley didn't give Demi drugs? Because you say so? Because Miley NEVER had run ins with narcotics right? I mean it's not like she was caught in an underage drinking scandall at the age of oh gee idunno 17? Or smoking a drug from a bong that is equivalent to LSD? Is it really that hard to believe that Miley is druggie that tried to get a rehabbed girl to do drugs? If I was Demi of course I would be pissed and would want people to know. I just spent three months in rehab and this person who i thought was a friend tried to get me to do drugs? Yeah ok. That's fucked up. Seriously the question you need to ask isn't why Demi would lie. Again she has nothing to gain from lying and the fact that she's in the middle of a career transition wouldn't be the best time to tell her side of the story. Especially right now. So we know WHY she deleted her tweets. But What would prompt her in doing so in the first place.

Update. After doing a little research I found out that Demi's tweet wasn't infact about Miley Cyrus but her idiot pal who shared that bong video with tmz Anna fucking Oliver. So basically all that hate that the ad crowd is giving to Demi lovato for basically trashing on Anna Oliver for being the drug enabler she is, is now fucking irrelevant and bull and void. I mean think about it. Why would Demi unfollow Miley just to follow her again? Who the hell unfollows someone just to follow them back a few minutes later? Don't you guy guys like to use your brains? That wouldn't make any sense. Also what would Demi have to gain by claiming that Miley Cyrus was the one that turned her onto drugs into first place? If it's a lie I doubt she would say so on twitter. Also seeing as how Demi didn't even mention the NAME of the person she was talking about on twitter, how can you say it was about Miley Cyrus? In fact word has it she was at a family dinner with her untalented shitty actor boyfriend. OK well if that was the case and she really WAS with this Liam dude, then how could Demi be talking about her if she wasn't even in the same room with Miley? Hmm? Answer that for me guys. If Demi Lovato wasn't even in the same room with Miley Cyrus, and she didn't even mention miley BY name in those drug tweets and the fact that Anna Oliver indirectly tweeted her as well as Anna Oliver's FRIEND CheyneThomas indirectly tweeted her, how could it be about Miley? Don't you think there's a possibility that it wasn't about her at all?

Do you idiots like to think?

So congrats to you ass holes. You just insulted someone who didn't even mention or talk about your queen, funny that you didn't put that up in your stupid site.